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Spoiler-light version

If you get stuck, you can always talk to a hint man. There's one in a yellow house in Onett.

If you're a big Earthbound fan and want to go in without spoilers, the Onett checks are:

  • Buzz Buzz's last words
  • Lier X. Aggerate's Mani Mani statue
  • The meteor
  • The library shelf
  • Mayor Pirkle (after beating Frank).

After that you can probably guess and blunder your way through finding all the checks. The only other ones as obscure as the Mani Mani statue are Saturn Coffee and Tenda Tea.


Some day, I'll make it so you can turn these off, so you can continue to always leave them on, but you'll feel like it was your decision.

  • All text speeds increased by one. The new "Yikes!" speed is near-instant.
  • Y button is run. You can even run on ladders and stairs! But it's only a tiny improvement on those.
  • Because that makes skip sandwiches useless, they are replaced with repel sandwiches, which turn off enemy spawns for 10 seconds (20 for DX).
  • The R button lets you rearrange or drop your last-received item. It's more versatile than you may expect! Try it all sorts of places.
  • You can hold two exit mice.
  • Swamps, sewers, and the Lost Underworld do not slow you down.
  • The Giygas prayer sequences are greatly truncated.

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