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Patch Notes - v6.1.0

21 October 2021

Patch Notes - v6.0.0

11 October 2021

Patch Notes - v5.6.0

7 October 2021

Patch Notes - v5.5.1

7 October 2021

Patch Notes - v5.5.0

1 October 2021

Patch Notes - v5.4.1

26 September 2021

Patch Notes - v5.4.0

26 September 2021

Patch Notes - v5.3.0

8 September 2021

Patch Notes - v5.2.1

29 August 2021

Patch Notes - v5.2.0

28 August 2021

  • Increased scaling of thunder attacks without franklin badge, but just a little.
  • Lowered minimum level before horns of life show up (was Lost Underworld depth, now Dalaam depth).
  • Increased level before attack scaling will allow paralysis effects.
  • Added several miscellaneous status attacks to attack scaling, including all the remaining cold, nausea, and paralysis attacks.
  • Reworked NPCs in Paula's house. There's a hint available if you talk to her dad and leave.
  • Added a minimum step size to sliders, to make them easier to adjust. Thanks to HypotheticallyGreg for requesting something that apparently a lot of people wanted!
  • Slightly improved enemy variety of enemy shuffle flags.
  • Made curse logic a bit more clever; it can now sometimes figure out to apply a curse that an enemy only became eligible for because of another curse.
  • Allowed certain attack script changing curses to be applied multiple times.
  • Added a dumb curse.
  • Fixed a bug that was making several enemy durability curses never get applied (whoops).
  • Increased curse cap to 6.
  • Made new game startup sightly faster and cleaner, courtesy of a hack by Cooprocks123e.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause uncommon softlocks in HHV in flagsets nobody uses.
  • Added a little to sprite shuffle.
  • The first of a few new sprite graphics.
  • Patch Notes - v5.1.1

    20 August 2021

  • Fixed some glitches that could cause the server to fail to generate seeds. The culprits were mad ducks, putrid moldymen, and stinky ghosts. Thanks crimsongreen for reporting it!
  • Patch Notes - v5.1.0

    20 August 2021

  • Improved consistency of enemy HP scaling while enemy shuffle is on.
  • Fixed an uncommon (but not extremely rare) softlock where large enemies could not move out of the way properly in HHV. Thanks to crimsongreen for finding it!
  • Patch Notes - v5.0.0

    19 August 2021

  • Added enemy shuffle.
  • Enemies in Twoson are now scaled to when the logic first visits Twoson, not when the logic visits Burglin Park.
  • Increased the minimum number of open checks a random start should have.
  • Patch Notes - v4.4.1

    18 August 2021

  • Updated the tracker page with links to HypotheticallyGreg's and Aurilliux's trackers.
  • Removed Dog Mute... and added mute to the file menu! (Thanks to Phoenixbound for figuring out the bug that was stopping me from doing this.)
  • Added some new window flavors of varied tastefulness, courtesy of JTolmar.
  • Fixed a bug that would occasionally cause some areas to be Not Even Randomized. (South Scaraba, Dungeon Man, Threed Tunnel, and Twoson Path).
  • Added the sanctuary timers back into the end credits.
  • Fixed some small glitches in the end credits. Thanks to mcmcgurk for helping find one, and Catador for helping fix another.
  • Made Winters use the right music. Thanks DesertAway and Aurilliux for helping figure this one out.
  • NPC text tweaks in many places, especially around boss name mentions.
  • Patch Notes - v4.4.0

    9 August 2021

  • Hint men now provide real hints! They may occasionally get stuck, let me know if you see a hint man that gets stuck on a hint that should've been cleared.
  • Added music shuffle flag.
  • Added max item level flag.
  • Increasing max enemy level no longer increases the experience enemies give. It's more of a proper challenge mode now. Thanks AND4H for trying out the very silly version before this!
  • Made the Neutralizer droppable.
  • Added a small, very rare easter egg.
  • Patch Notes - v4.3.0

    4 August 2021

  • Decreased the HP of former sanctuary bosses and increased the HP of bosses that end up in sanctuary spots (these cancel out). Increased the HP of Guardian Digger and Guardian General, and decreased HP of whoever ends up in their slots (ditto). Decreased the HP of Ness's Nightmare, but the increase for the slot is only there if the check gives stats. This should make several bosses less prone to being sudden roadblocks.
  • Tweaked level scaling so early enemies would have a smaller difference in level, and higher level enemies would have a larger one. This should make going the "wrong" way less punishing at the start.
  • Moved some spawn plates around in the Lost Underworld to try to make the hardlock harder to trigger. Thanks to attack_slug and ねぷねぷ for helping to verify this bug is still in the game.
  • In non-random starts, Onett animals will always be the lowest level enemies. Thanks to nanobite1667 for the feedback that made me sure I should do this.
  • Reduced attack scaling of paralyzing attacks slightly.
  • Fixed a bug that caused beating a bonus or required Magicant to always give experience as if it was the last check, rather than whatever is appropriate for its depth.
  • No more dragonite in shops :-(
  • Added random flags button.
  • Patch Notes - v4.2.0

    31 July 2021

  • Shuffled around a few item levels. Should be fewer boxes of cash at the start of the game, and fewer wet towels in the second half.
  • Increased priority of lifenoodles, dragonite, and stat capsules. There should be much more of these in boxes now.
  • Increased randomness of early shop items in random start seeds.
  • Completing Magicant with the random start flag on no longer sends you to Onett.
  • Random start seeds now have a little bit of protection against very boring sets of starting locations.
  • All seeds now end in a "You won!" message, not just Giygas seeds.
  • Slightly reduced scaling of Lifeup for bosses.
  • Added enemy curse choices to spoiler log.
  • Added some small easter eggs.
  • Patch Notes - v4.1.0

    28 July 2021

  • Added a flag to randomize start locations.
  • Added "Max enemy level", a new difficulty control flag.
  • Improvements to the website's sliders and dropdowns, to make them more reliable.
  • Patch Notes - v4.0.0

    27 July 2021

  • New flag controls how Magicant works.
  • Rewrote logic generation. Flow of seeds will now feel much more randomized. Perhaps too randomized.
  • New item distribution code. It's much more flexible, and item depths should feel even more like vanilla. Some shop items are now different.
  • Removed homesickness.
  • Added the Neutralizer, Mr. Saturn Coin, Coin of Silence, and Ultimate Bat back to the item pool. Whoops.
  • Repel sandwiches will still work even if you use one before the last one is finished. Thanks to Catador for providing this patch!
  • Fixed a potential crash if you talked to the guy who gives you the Stoic Club number then immediately lost a scripted battle. Thanks to Nessrocker and Catador for helping find and debug this!
  • Permanently fixed OSS flag based crashes. Thanks Catador!
  • Fixed a scaling bug where the Even Slimier Little Piles summoned by Master Barf could be scaled much higher than Master Barf himself. Thanks to inthenameofDT for finding it!
  • Fixed a very rare bug where Teddy Bear in the Cabin Kid slot could brick your seed. Thanks to AND4H for reminding me to fix this!
  • Fixed some instances of Flying Man being referred to as Teddy Bear
  • Yet more text printing speed optimizations, courtesy of Catador
  • Fixed a vanilla bug where teleporting out of a crowded area, such as Burglin Park, could cause the game to hard lock. Thanks again to Catador!
  • Fixed Boogey Tent and Heavily Armed Pokey having no/jank sprite collision. This might introduce other bugs, especially with Pokey.
  • Fixed a bug that would make equipment slightly harder to find after logic passes through the Happy Happy Village shop.
  • Several cute little text tweeks.
  • It's no longer pride month :-(.
  • Patch Notes - v3.6.0

    3 July 2021

  • Text now lags less everywhere, including menus. Large inventories still lag, but you should be able to feel the difference. Thanks to Catador and cooprocks123e for creating this excellent patch!
  • Dog mute now whitelists certain songs that are used more like sound effects. (Let me know if you get a copyright strike for any of these.)
  • Dog mute is disabled in MSU1 seeds, since the patches conflict.
  • Major internal changes that should have no gameplay effects, but save about half a megabyte of internal space. Let me know if you experience any fresh new bugs, particularly with cutscenes.
  • Solo Heavily Armed Pokey now gives more experience (thanks And4h!).
  • Added five new window flavors by JTolmar.
  • Added something funny to Saturn Valley when sprite shuffle is on (thanks Gabbi, 0xCrafty, and Phoenixbound!).
  • Fixed some typographical errors (thanks Phoenixbound!).
  • Patch Notes - v3.5.0

    24 June 2021

  • Your dog can now mute the game's music (permanently) without muting the game's sound effects.
  • Increased how deep Giygas can be before the seed decides to reroll in reduced sanctuary requirement seeds. (Race% will have more varied routes, and may average slightly longer.)
  • Slightly decreased overall enemy difficulty.
  • Slightly increased how dangerous Thunder attacks are scaled when you're expected to have the Franklin Badge, and greatly decreased how dangerous Thunder attacks are when you're not.
  • Made the curse that increases enemy elemental resistances considerably meaner.
  • Added two curses.
  • Increased max enemy curse limit by one.
  • Fixed a bug where, when Pokey gets boss shuffled into his original slot, he'd be replaced with one of the game's many unused beta copies of Pokey.
  • Fixed a rare (possibly never encountered?) crash related to palette rando.
  • You can get your dog to quote Simon & Garfunkel.
  • Patch Notes - v3.4.0

    18 June 2021

    Patch Notes - v3.3.0

    9 June 2021

    Patch Notes - v3.2.0

    4 June 2021

    Patch Notes - v3.1.0

    3 June 2021

    Patch Notes - v3.0.0

    31 May 2021

    Patch Notes - v2.5.0

    21 May 2021

    Patch Notes - v2.4.2

    18 May 2021

    Patch Notes - v2.4.1

    15 May 2021

    Patch Notes - v2.4.0

    14 May 2021

    Patch Notes - v2.3.1

    11 May 2021

    Patch Notes - v2.3.0

    8 May 2021

    Patch Notes - v2.2.1

    5 May 2021

    Patch Notes - v2.2.0

    4 May 2021

    Patch Notes - v2.1.0

    25 April 2021

    Patch Notes - v2.0.0

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