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Patch Notes - v4.2.0

31 July 2021

  • Shuffled around a few item levels. Should be fewer boxes of cash at the start of the game, and fewer wet towels in the second half.
  • Increased priority of lifenoodles, dragonite, and stat capsules. There should be much more of these in boxes now.
  • Increased randomness of early shop items in random start seeds.
  • Completing Magicant with the random start flag on no longer sends you to Onett.
  • All seeds now end in a "You won!" message, not just Giygas seeds.
  • Slightly reduced scaling of Lifeup for bosses.
  • Added enemy curse choices to spoiler log.
  • Added some small easter eggs.
  • Patch Notes - v4.1.0

    28 July 2021

  • Added a flag to randomize start locations.
  • Added "Max enemy level", a new difficulty control flag.
  • Improvements to the website's sliders and dropdowns, to make them more reliable.
  • Patch Notes - v4.0.0

    27 July 2021

  • New flag controls how Magicant works.
  • Rewrote logic generation. Flow of seeds will now feel much more randomized. Perhaps too randomized.
  • New item distribution code. It's much more flexible, and item depths should feel even more like vanilla. Some shop items are now different.
  • Removed homesickness.
  • Added the Neutralizer, Mr. Saturn Coin, Coin of Silence, and Ultimate Bat back to the item pool. Whoops.
  • Repel sandwiches will still work even if you use one before the last one is finished. Thanks to Catador for providing this patch!
  • Fixed a potential crash if you talked to the guy who gives you the Stoic Club number then immediately lost a scripted battle. Thanks to Nessrocker and Catador for helping find and debug this!
  • Permanently fixed OSS flag based crashes. Thanks Catador!
  • Fixed a scaling bug where the Even Slimier Little Piles summoned by Master Barf could be scaled much higher than Master Barf himself. Thanks to inthenameofDT for finding it!
  • Fixed a very rare bug where Teddy Bear in the Cabin Kid slot could brick your seed. Thanks to AND4H for reminding me to fix this!
  • Fixed some instances of Flying Man being referred to as Teddy Bear
  • Yet more text printing speed optimizations, courtesy of Catador
  • Fixed a vanilla bug where teleporting out of a crowded area, such as Burglin Park, could cause the game to hard lock. Thanks again to Catador!
  • Fixed Boogey Tent and Heavily Armed Pokey having no/jank sprite collision. This might introduce other bugs, especially with Pokey.
  • Fixed a bug that would make equipment slightly harder to find after logic passes through the Happy Happy Village shop.
  • Several cute little text tweeks.
  • It's no longer pride month :-(.
  • Patch Notes - v3.6.0

    3 July 2021

  • Text now lags less everywhere, including menus. Large inventories still lag, but you should be able to feel the difference. Thanks to Catador and cooprocks123e for creating this excellent patch!
  • Dog mute now whitelists certain songs that are used more like sound effects. (Let me know if you get a copyright strike for any of these.)
  • Dog mute is disabled in MSU1 seeds, since the patches conflict.
  • Major internal changes that should have no gameplay effects, but save about half a megabyte of internal space. Let me know if you experience any fresh new bugs, particularly with cutscenes.
  • Solo Heavily Armed Pokey now gives more experience (thanks And4h!).
  • Added five new window flavors by JTolmar.
  • Added something funny to Saturn Valley when sprite shuffle is on (thanks Gabbi, 0xCrafty, and Phoenixbound!).
  • Fixed some typographical errors (thanks Phoenixbound!).
  • Patch Notes - v3.5.0

    24 June 2021

  • Your dog can now mute the game's music (permanently) without muting the game's sound effects.
  • Increased how deep Giygas can be before the seed decides to reroll in reduced sanctuary requirement seeds. (Race% will have more varied routes, and may average slightly longer.)
  • Slightly decreased overall enemy difficulty.
  • Slightly increased how dangerous Thunder attacks are scaled when you're expected to have the Franklin Badge, and greatly decreased how dangerous Thunder attacks are when you're not.
  • Made the curse that increases enemy elemental resistances considerably meaner.
  • Added two curses.
  • Increased max enemy curse limit by one.
  • Fixed a bug where, when Pokey gets boss shuffled into his original slot, he'd be replaced with one of the game's many unused beta copies of Pokey.
  • Fixed a rare (possibly never encountered?) crash related to palette rando.
  • You can get your dog to quote Simon & Garfunkel.
  • Patch Notes - v3.4.0

    18 June 2021

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