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PK Scramble was made by jtolmar. You can find me, and other people who play this randomizer, at the Earthbound Speedruns Discord, in the "scramble" channel. You can find some other projects of mine at Noisy Owl.

PK Scramble would not be possible without the amazing tools and documentation created by the Earthbound community. Shout outs to everyone who contributed to:

And individual credits to Aurilliux, Catador, Chaz, Messianic, and Phoenixbound for directly providing information that contributed to this project.

Assembly patches borrowed from:

Custom title cards courtesy of BigSharkZ.

Custom window graphics courtesy of BigSharkZ and JTolmar.

Custom sprites courtesy of Messianic and JTolmar.

Custom fonts by Gabbi, 0xCrafty and Phoenixbound.

Website font: Motherish by Omni Jacala.

Penultimately, a shoutout to the very early playtesters Papungha, d0sboots, and Aurilliux.

Finally, we run a yearly tournament (check the discord at the start of a year). Shoutouts to the winners so far, ChargingCharles, mcmcgurk, and Serra!

Design Philosophy

I tried to do the following:

Even following the same goals, you may have decided to do things differently. I may have decided to do things differently if I made that particular decision on a different day.


I will open source this eventually. Currently the whole thing builds off my Coil Snake directory, which contains a complete decompilation of all of Earthbound's script, so it really shouldn't be published online.

It's been long enough that I really should get around to it though, so feel free to pester me about it occasionally.

In the meantime, the best way to contribute to PK Scramble is to contribute to the Coil Snake ecosystem. If you make general use patches, they can end up both in PK Scramble and in the EB hacking community at large.

It'd also be extremely cool of you to organize races. Getting a bunch of speedrunners trying to break this thing will probably find more interesting stuff than us technical types can.

Finally, if you'd like to support continued development of PK Scramble, you can support me on Patreon.