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What is this?

PK Scramble is a key item shuffler for Earthbound! How? Well...

  • The game script is patched to handle being played out of order.
  • Areas opened by moon logic (like the mines) are already opened.
  • Areas opened by long-distance plot flags are opened with new key items.
  • NPCs who teach PSI or talk about visiting "Your Sanctuary" locations unlock random teleport destinations.

Then it shuffles all the key items, character join locations, and teleport locations.

Finally, enemy stats, chest items, and shop items are scaled to match some logically-possible path through the game.

The Y button is run. The R button lets you manipulate your last-received item. You start with PSI Teleport. Have fun!

If you get stuck, try talking to a hint man!

Generate Game

Seed Settings

A normal, full-length run of the game. A great way to learn the randomizer. Should take about 3-7 hours for a first-time casual player, or 2-4 if you're familiar with Earthbound speedrunning and/or randomizers.
A full-length run of the game with every additional randomization feature turned on (except cursed enemies). Recommended for first time players if "as random as possible" is what appeals to you, or for a second casual run.
A 4-sanctuary run that our racing community uses as the base for what to run. The best runners average an hour, but expect to take twice that when starting out.
A 4-sanctuary racing run featuring remixed flags to make you think. You need to beat Magicant (unlocked at 4 sancs) instead of Giygas in this one.
For people who really like big dumb challenges, this aims to be the hardest possible flagset that's still fun. Features some concessions like easy deaths, but also level 10 cursed enemies and snake tag.
Every time you press the button, it randomizes the flags again. Are they good flags? Maybe, who knows.
If seed is left blank, a random one will be used.