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Patch Notes - v9.10.0

2 March 2024

Patch Notes - v9.9.1

3 February 2024

Patch Notes - v9.9.0

1 February 2024

Patch Notes - v9.8.0

18 November 2023

Patch Notes - v9.7.0

16 November 2023

Patch Notes - v9.6.0

9 August 2023

Patch Notes - v9.5.0

7 April 2023

Patch Notes - v9.4.0

30 March 2023

Patch Notes - v9.3.0

22 March 2023

Patch Notes - v9.2.1

10 February 2023

Patch Notes - v9.2.0

26 January 2023

Patch Notes - v9.1.4

5 January 2023

Patch Notes - v9.1.3

23 December 2022

Patch Notes - v9.1.2

1 November 2022

Patch Notes - v9.1.1

28 October 2022

Patch Notes - v9.1.0

19 October 2022

Patch Notes - v9.0.1

13 August 2022

Patch Notes - v9.0.0

26 July 2022

Patch Notes - v8.8.5

20 July 2022

Patch Notes - v8.8.4

18 July 2022

Patch Notes - v8.8.3

18 July 2022

Patch Notes - v8.8.2

16 July 2022

Patch Notes - v8.8.1

15 July 2022

Patch Notes - v8.8.0

15 July 2022

Patch Notes - v8.7.1

20 June 2022

Patch Notes - v8.7.0

16 June 2022

Patch Notes - v8.6.2

13 June 2022

Patch Notes - v8.6.1

13 June 2022

Patch Notes - v8.6.0

9 June 2022

Patch Notes - v8.5.0

26 May 2022

Patch Notes - v8.4.1

25 May 2022

Patch Notes - v8.4.0

25 May 2022

Patch Notes - v8.3.0

15 May 2022

Patch Notes - v8.2.0

8 May 2022

Patch Notes - v8.1.0

15 April 2022

Patch Notes - v8.0.0

23 March 2022

Patch Notes - v7.1.1

14 December 2021

Patch Notes - v7.1.0

12 December 2021

Patch Notes - v7.0.0

11 November 2021

Patch Notes - v6.1.1

7 November 2021

Patch Notes - v6.1.0

21 October 2021

  • Added the "not even randomized" flag.
  • Added seven new Giygas-specific curses.
  • Made Bear Mode a little more reasonable, probably.
  • Re-added some little Giygas speedups that didn't get ported to the new prayer phase.

Patch Notes - v6.0.0

11 October 2021

  • Added the "PSI Learn Rate" slider.
  • Added the "teleport anywhere" flag.
  • Added the "return mice" flag.
  • Added the "limit mice" flag.
  • Bear mode.
  • Removed "double exit mouse" flag. (Don't worry, they're always doubled now.)
  • Fixed Pokey's hitbox.
  • Fixed unsightly flashing on certain window flavors. Thanks Crafty!

Patch Notes - v5.6.0

7 October 2021

  • Added flag to unscale a percent of item levels. Will probably tweak exactly how this works later, but it's already fun.
  • Fixed a rare crash at the cops when the enemy is a slimey pile and the boss is Mini Barf. (Thanks rizu-kun for finding it!)
  • Gave Mini Barf a custom sprite.

Patch Notes - v5.5.1

7 October 2021

  • Greatly improved the prayer sequence. Massive shoutouts to Cooprocks123e for performing the multiple miracles it took to make this work.
  • Changed key item given dialogs to say which kid has it, and be slightly harder to accidentally mash through.
  • Removed the "fast giygas" flag. It's always on now.
  • Moved "max item level" to the resources panel.
  • Reduced the amount of exp given by that one curse.
  • Fixed a bug where, with sufficient effort, you could softlock yourself in the cultist room. Thanks NullSprite for finding it!
  • Some minor internal cleanup. Thanks phoenixbound!

Patch Notes - v5.5.0

1 October 2021

  • Added three excellent new curses.
  • Increased curse limit to 7.
  • Fixed that Monkey Cave glitch again. Thanks IQ and ChargingCharles for letting me know something was still wrong.
  • Moved the dreaded Runaway Five Bus in Fourside slightly further out of your way. You can thank the_apple_lady for convincing me to do it.

Patch Notes - v5.4.1

26 September 2021

  • Fixed an error that made Monkey Cave inaccessible. Thanks Staticpulse for letting me know!

Patch Notes - v5.4.0

26 September 2021

  • New title screen cards courtesy of BigSharkZ.
  • Removed MSU1 flag.
  • Added MSU1 setting to sound select on all seeds.
  • Added a Mr. Baseball Cap and Hand-aid to the item pool.
  • The final Mr. Saturn shop no longer can have teddy bears. This fixes an issue where, in rare circumstances, the shop would have no revive items.
  • Slight tweaks to Mr. Saturn shops and Mr. Saturn-associated items.
  • Fixed an obscure scaling issue that probably only affects the Soul Consuming Flame's defense stat (should now be low like in vanilla).
  • Removed "+1 attack strength" from curse pool.
  • Fixed a rare softlock with the monkey bouncer. Thanks attack_slug for finding it, and Aurilliux for suggesting a fix!
  • Fixed a bug where the getting Dragonite from the Tenda Chief would fail without a message if you had a full inventory. Thanks IQ for finding it!
  • Fixed a tiny inconsistency in Magicant.
  • Some item-giving NPCs have slightly changed lines. This is in preparation for a bigger change to them.
  • Marginally sped up seed generation.
  • You can now access PK Scramble via HTTPS.

Patch Notes - v5.3.0

8 September 2021

  • Made the item box on the far south end of Twoson scale with the rest of Twoson, instead of with Everdred.
  • Decreased the maximum number of enemies per group in the late game when enemy shuffle is enabled.
  • Sped up certain cutscenes.
  • Fighting cultists in the big room now properly despawn after beating Carpainter. (Thanks mcmcgurk for pointing it out!)
  • Fixed exit mouse location in Belch Base. (Thanks WizardVapes for finding it!)
  • Fixed a way to hardlock the game by teleporting out after looting the self serve shop.
  • Added a seriously obscure easter egg.

Patch Notes - v5.2.1

29 August 2021

  • Some things have new sprites, most courtesy of Messianic.

Patch Notes - v5.2.0

28 August 2021

  • Increased scaling of thunder attacks without franklin badge, but just a little.
  • Lowered minimum level before horns of life show up (was Lost Underworld depth, now Dalaam depth).
  • Increased level before attack scaling will allow paralysis effects.
  • Added several miscellaneous status attacks to attack scaling, including all the remaining cold, nausea, and paralysis attacks.
  • Reworked NPCs in Paula's house. There's a hint available if you talk to her dad and leave.
  • Added a minimum step size to sliders, to make them easier to adjust. Thanks to HypotheticallyGreg for requesting something that apparently a lot of people wanted!
  • Slightly improved enemy variety of enemy shuffle flags.
  • Made curse logic a bit more clever; it can now sometimes figure out to apply a curse that an enemy only became eligible for because of another curse.
  • Allowed certain attack script changing curses to be applied multiple times.
  • Added a dumb curse.
  • Fixed a bug that was making several enemy durability curses never get applied (whoops).
  • Increased curse cap to 6.
  • Made new game startup sightly faster and cleaner, courtesy of a hack by Cooprocks123e.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause uncommon softlocks in HHV in flagsets nobody uses.
  • Added a little to sprite shuffle.
  • The first of a few new sprite graphics.
  • Patch Notes - v5.1.1

    20 August 2021

  • Fixed some glitches that could cause the server to fail to generate seeds. The culprits were mad ducks, putrid moldymen, and stinky ghosts. Thanks crimsongreen for reporting it!
  • Patch Notes - v5.1.0

    20 August 2021

  • Improved consistency of enemy HP scaling while enemy shuffle is on.
  • Fixed an uncommon (but not extremely rare) softlock where large enemies could not move out of the way properly in HHV. Thanks to crimsongreen for finding it!
  • Patch Notes - v5.0.0

    19 August 2021

  • Added enemy shuffle.
  • Enemies in Twoson are now scaled to when the logic first visits Twoson, not when the logic visits Burglin Park.
  • Increased the minimum number of open checks a random start should have.
  • Patch Notes - v4.4.1

    18 August 2021

  • Updated the tracker page with links to HypotheticallyGreg's and Aurilliux's trackers.
  • Removed Dog Mute... and added mute to the file menu! (Thanks to Phoenixbound for figuring out the bug that was stopping me from doing this.)
  • Added some new window flavors of varied tastefulness, courtesy of JTolmar.
  • Fixed a bug that would occasionally cause some areas to be Not Even Randomized. (South Scaraba, Dungeon Man, Threed Tunnel, and Twoson Path).
  • Added the sanctuary timers back into the end credits.
  • Fixed some small glitches in the end credits. Thanks to mcmcgurk for helping find one, and Catador for helping fix another.
  • Made Winters use the right music. Thanks DesertAway and Aurilliux for helping figure this one out.
  • NPC text tweaks in many places, especially around boss name mentions.
  • Patch Notes - v4.4.0

    9 August 2021

  • Hint men now provide real hints! They may occasionally get stuck, let me know if you see a hint man that gets stuck on a hint that should've been cleared.
  • Added music shuffle flag.
  • Added max item level flag.
  • Increasing max enemy level no longer increases the experience enemies give. It's more of a proper challenge mode now. Thanks AND4H for trying out the very silly version before this!
  • Made the Neutralizer droppable.
  • Added a small, very rare easter egg.
  • Patch Notes - v4.3.0

    4 August 2021

  • Decreased the HP of former sanctuary bosses and increased the HP of bosses that end up in sanctuary spots (these cancel out). Increased the HP of Guardian Digger and Guardian General, and decreased HP of whoever ends up in their slots (ditto). Decreased the HP of Ness's Nightmare, but the increase for the slot is only there if the check gives stats. This should make several bosses less prone to being sudden roadblocks.
  • Tweaked level scaling so early enemies would have a smaller difference in level, and higher level enemies would have a larger one. This should make going the "wrong" way less punishing at the start.
  • Moved some spawn plates around in the Lost Underworld to try to make the hardlock harder to trigger. Thanks to attack_slug and ねぷねぷ for helping to verify this bug is still in the game.
  • In non-random starts, Onett animals will always be the lowest level enemies. Thanks to nanobite1667 for the feedback that made me sure I should do this.
  • Reduced attack scaling of paralyzing attacks slightly.
  • Fixed a bug that caused beating a bonus or required Magicant to always give experience as if it was the last check, rather than whatever is appropriate for its depth.
  • No more dragonite in shops :-(
  • Added random flags button.
  • Patch Notes - v4.2.0

    31 July 2021

  • Shuffled around a few item levels. Should be fewer boxes of cash at the start of the game, and fewer wet towels in the second half.
  • Increased priority of lifenoodles, dragonite, and stat capsules. There should be much more of these in boxes now.
  • Increased randomness of early shop items in random start seeds.
  • Completing Magicant with the random start flag on no longer sends you to Onett.
  • Random start seeds now have a little bit of protection against very boring sets of starting locations.
  • All seeds now end in a "You won!" message, not just Giygas seeds.
  • Slightly reduced scaling of Lifeup for bosses.
  • Added enemy curse choices to spoiler log.
  • Added some small easter eggs.
  • Patch Notes - v4.1.0

    28 July 2021

  • Added a flag to randomize start locations.
  • Added "Max enemy level", a new difficulty control flag.
  • Improvements to the website's sliders and dropdowns, to make them more reliable.
  • Patch Notes - v4.0.0

    27 July 2021

  • New flag controls how Magicant works.
  • Rewrote logic generation. Flow of seeds will now feel much more randomized. Perhaps too randomized.
  • New item distribution code. It's much more flexible, and item depths should feel even more like vanilla. Some shop items are now different.
  • Removed homesickness.
  • Added the Neutralizer, Mr. Saturn Coin, Coin of Silence, and Ultimate Bat back to the item pool. Whoops.
  • Repel sandwiches will still work even if you use one before the last one is finished. Thanks to Catador for providing this patch!
  • Fixed a potential crash if you talked to the guy who gives you the Stoic Club number then immediately lost a scripted battle. Thanks to Nessrocker and Catador for helping find and debug this!
  • Permanently fixed OSS flag based crashes. Thanks Catador!
  • Fixed a scaling bug where the Even Slimier Little Piles summoned by Master Barf could be scaled much higher than Master Barf himself. Thanks to inthenameofDT for finding it!
  • Fixed a very rare bug where Teddy Bear in the Cabin Kid slot could brick your seed. Thanks to AND4H for reminding me to fix this!
  • Fixed some instances of Flying Man being referred to as Teddy Bear
  • Yet more text printing speed optimizations, courtesy of Catador
  • Fixed a vanilla bug where teleporting out of a crowded area, such as Burglin Park, could cause the game to hard lock. Thanks again to Catador!
  • Fixed Boogey Tent and Heavily Armed Pokey having no/jank sprite collision. This might introduce other bugs, especially with Pokey.
  • Fixed a bug that would make equipment slightly harder to find after logic passes through the Happy Happy Village shop.
  • Several cute little text tweeks.
  • It's no longer pride month :-(.
  • Patch Notes - v3.6.0

    3 July 2021

  • Text now lags less everywhere, including menus. Large inventories still lag, but you should be able to feel the difference. Thanks to Catador and cooprocks123e for creating this excellent patch!
  • Dog mute now whitelists certain songs that are used more like sound effects. (Let me know if you get a copyright strike for any of these.)
  • Dog mute is disabled in MSU1 seeds, since the patches conflict.
  • Major internal changes that should have no gameplay effects, but save about half a megabyte of internal space. Let me know if you experience any fresh new bugs, particularly with cutscenes.
  • Solo Heavily Armed Pokey now gives more experience (thanks And4h!).
  • Added five new window flavors by JTolmar.
  • Added something funny to Saturn Valley when sprite shuffle is on (thanks Gabbi, 0xCrafty, and Phoenixbound!).
  • Fixed some typographical errors (thanks Phoenixbound!).
  • Patch Notes - v3.5.0

    24 June 2021

  • Your dog can now mute the game's music (permanently) without muting the game's sound effects.
  • Increased how deep Giygas can be before the seed decides to reroll in reduced sanctuary requirement seeds. (Race% will have more varied routes, and may average slightly longer.)
  • Slightly decreased overall enemy difficulty.
  • Slightly increased how dangerous Thunder attacks are scaled when you're expected to have the Franklin Badge, and greatly decreased how dangerous Thunder attacks are when you're not.
  • Made the curse that increases enemy elemental resistances considerably meaner.
  • Added two curses.
  • Increased max enemy curse limit by one.
  • Fixed a bug where, when Pokey gets boss shuffled into his original slot, he'd be replaced with one of the game's many unused beta copies of Pokey.
  • Fixed a rare (possibly never encountered?) crash related to palette rando.
  • You can get your dog to quote Simon & Garfunkel.
  • Patch Notes - v3.4.0

    18 June 2021

    • New flag - randomize overworld palettes.
    • New flag - randomize window flavors. Thanks to BigSharkZ for contributing the initial batch of custom windows! If you'd like to submit your own, grab a copy of Coil Snake and edit Windows1_0.png in your project. Once you have something that looks good in game, stop by the Earthbound Speedruns Discord and drop it off in the Scramble channel. (The regular limitations of Coil Snake do not apply. If it works on the Plain Flavor entry (Windows1_0.png), it works in PK Scramble.)
    • New flag - randomize NPC sprites.
    • Fixed an error that would cause the Tangoo's poison breath attack not to scale.

    Patch Notes - v3.3.0

    9 June 2021

    • Made enemy curser better at choosing appropriate curses for enemies.
    • Brickroad will offer you a heal if you complete his dungeon.
    • The Eraser Eraser now removes itself from your inventory after use.
    • Changed lowest scaling option of poisoning attacks to inflicting "can't concentrate" instead of dealing damage. (Thanks Rizu-kun for the suggestion!)
    • Made some changes to Belch's Base to make the logic easier to follow. (It's the same logic, just with more clarity and reminders.)
    • When re-visiting Moonside, it is now possible to exit using the Monotoli Building door. (This is largely useless, since you can also exit via the cafe. It's here to help new players.)
    • Fixed the bug where PSI Shuffle makes Ness appear to have two copies of teleport alpha. (Again. Probably.)
    • Ending improvements :-).

    Patch Notes - v3.2.0

    4 June 2021

    • Yet more scaling changes for fixed damage attacks. Should be significantly kinder for multi-target attacks, and just a little meaner for single-target ones. 4-sanc Giygas should be more consistent.

    Patch Notes - v3.1.0

    3 June 2021

    • Made attack scaling a little kinder for fixed damage attacks.
    • Fixed a minor scaling error in bomb attacks and Clumsy Robot's missiles.
    • Removed "started a continuous attack" from one of the cursed upgrade pools, since it's not actually more deadly than the attacks it can replace, in practice.
    • It's pride month and I'm running a website with a trippy background, so rainbows.

    Patch Notes - v3.0.0

    31 May 2021

    • Added "cursed enemies" flag.
    • Removed "enemy ability scaling" flag. (It was being used mostly as a "hard mode" flag. Cursed enemies is a much better way to do this.)
    • Completely rewrote enemy attack scaling. It should generally be more consistent and fair than the old logic. (There may be new scaling bugs, but they'll go away faster.)
    • Enemies that use multiple strengths of the same attack, such as Giygas 1 and Nightmare, now keep doing this after scaling.
    • Made PP scaling much more accurate, especially for bosses or when attack shuffle is enabled, and especially for Nightmare.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented Giygas's freeze and flash attacks from being properly scaled after Pokey's "call for help" speech but before the first prayer (typically one turn). Thanks to AND4H and Temple for helping narrow this down.
    • Stopped the in-game timer from counting up while on the name select screen.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented a certain fun thing from happening.
    • Fixed a bug where regular Mobile Sprouts weren't scaled.
    • Fixed a bug that would prevent the phase distorter from showing up if you returned from the past then died.
    • Fixed the bug that caused Ness's teleport beta to appear as alpha when PSI shuffle is on. (Probably.)
    • Fixed a bug that would cause enemies using Rockin' Gamma to claim they're using Rockin' Beta.
    • Fixed a few more rare instances of the OSS crash.
    • Fixed a bug where it was possible to fight the boss at Master Barf's slot twice with mashing. Thanks to Temple for finding it!
    • Fixed a (vanilla) bug where, with rare bad luck, teleporting into the Lost Underworld would cause a hard lock.

    Patch Notes - v2.5.0

    21 May 2021

    • Ness starts with the cracked bat already equipped.
    • In Happy Happy Village, the self-serve shop now has somewhat better items than the drugstore.
    • You can now use an exit mouse from the Monotoli building.
    • Cave Boys are now less absurdly scaled. (Manually changed vanilla level from 10 to 14.)
    • 50% chance of a fun alternative to getting a teddy bear.
    • Reworked naming of scaled down versions of Starstorm. Stellar Drizzle ζ and δ are now Starstorm ε and ι. When PSI Shuffle is on, characters will learn these versions of Starstorm, instead of needing to rename Starstorm α to Starstorm γ.
    • Fixed inconsistent menu cursor when PSI Shuffle is on. Thanks to cooprocks123e for the incredible effort that went into fixing this.
    • Ending improvements.

    Patch Notes - v2.4.2

    18 May 2021

    • Fixed some inconsistent cursor movement during Giygas phase 1, while boss shuffle is on. Also made it so using bombs and PSI Fire are safe during this fight.
    • Fixed the bug where, on instant text speed, it's possible for a character to be dead while having HP. Thanks to cooprocks123e for creating the patch and doing basically all the work!
    • Fixed a bug where Lier's basement would become unaccessible if you first walked from Onett to Twoson. Thanks to attack_slug1 for finding it!
    • Fixed a bug where the Boogey Tent Trash item would disappear if you checked with a full inventory. Thanks to cooprocks123e for finding it!

    Patch Notes - v2.4.1

    15 May 2021

    • Fixed a recent bug that prevented Diamond Dog from being properly scaled.

    Patch Notes - v2.4.0

    14 May 2021

    • Changed teleport costs to 0.
    • Gerardo Montague, outside the mines, will now say what his item is before you clear the mines.
    • Reduced HP of solo Heavily Armed Pokey / increased HP of whoever ends up in his slot. (Was 2x factor, now 1.75x)
    • Reduced attack scaling for Starstorm, Rockin', and low levels of Giygas's Freeze.
    • Slightly increased levels of early bosses. Typically, whatever ends up in Frank and Frankystein's slots.

    Patch Notes - v2.3.1

    11 May 2021

    • Fixed a severe bug that would, in some seeds, make certain enemies suddenly trigger Giygas Phase 2. (Thanks Aurilliux for finding it!)
    • Fixed a scaling bug where Zombie Dogs south of Boogie Tent could be scaled too high.
    • Fixed a scaling bug bug where Slimey Little Piles in the Belch fight could be scaled too high.

    Patch Notes - v2.3.0

    8 May 2021

    • Added Heavily Armed Pokey to boss shuffle.
    • Added a safety flag to boss shuffle.
    • Fixed a bug that made Giygas's difficulty very unpredictable on low-sanc seeds.
    • Fixed a bug with attack scaling with PSI Hypnosis and PSI Magnet, which probably didn't affect anyone.
    • The Runaway Five bus in Fourside now disappears after one use.
    • Small tweaks to NPCs.

    Patch Notes - v2.2.1

    5 May 2021

    • Fixed a bug where the HHV shop guard could softlock you if boss shuffled to be Belch or Barf. (Thanks and apologies to AirborneMuffins for finding it!)
    • Removed possibility of Lifeup Gamma effects (such as "Replenished a fuel supply") being shuffled with attack shuffle on.

    Patch Notes - v2.2.0

    4 May 2021

    • Turned boss shuffle on for race and default settings.
    • Added enemy attack shuffle flag.
    • PSI Shuffle will not put Flash in the favorite thing slot unless you specifically allow that by using a new flag.
    • You can now return from the past using the phase distorter.
    • You can now always open the town map with X, even without the item.
    • Added Shield and PSI Shield to enemy scaling logic. Note this doesn't yet cover enemies that start with shields.
    • Added Magnet, Brainshock, Offense Up, and Defense Down to enemy scaling logic. (Doesn't include renamed versions of these such as "Lost his temper.")
    • Added Starman Junior to the boss shuffle pool.
    • The library lady will no longer give you a town map. This is to address a common confusion for new players, who think the town map is the library's key item.
    • Fixed the (vanilla) bug where the self-serve shop in HHV silently discards items if your inventory is full.
    • Added a surprise for people that steal from the self-serve shop.
    • Removed the switches in front of the sphinx, so it's clearer you should just talk to it.
    • Fixed a bug where the game would crash if you lose to a scripted encounter immediately after the zombie ambush cutscene.

    Patch Notes - v2.1.0

    25 April 2021

    • Added MSU-1 support.
    • Enemies in the COTP have always received a bump in attack scaling. This bump now no longer applies to Giygas.
    • Removed effects of Magicant on enemy attack scaling. This was responsible for weird spikes in enemy attack power in some seeds.
    • Added scaling options for Clumsy Robot's missile.
    • Added scaling options for the "eerie eyes" attack used by mooks and Trillionage Sprout.
    • Fixed a bug where you could be softlocked by taking the Runaway Five bus from Fourside to Threed then immediately dying to a scripted encounter. (Thanks to HypotheticallyGreg for finding it!)
    • Fixed a bug where the game could crash if you lost to the Kraken in Summers.
    • Fixed a scaling bug where the Black Antoids in Grapefruit Falls could end up seriously out of scale.
    • Fixed a bug where the sign in front of the HHV drug store thought it was the cabin character. (Thanks to HypotheticallyGreg for finding it!)
    • Fixed a bug where it was possible to access the vanilla version of the cabin character's speech.
    • Fixed a hard lock that occurs if you talk to the monkey teleport tutor while he's trying to leave after the cutscene. It might still be possible if you try really hard.
    • Fixed an oversight that allowed you to slip through the door behind the monkey bouncer. (Thanks to Rizu-Kun for finding it!)
    • Fixed a bug where you could slip through the door behind the Belch Base boss when boss shuffle is on. (For every other NPC/boss guarding a door, the door itself is disabled by the NPC's flag. But apparently Belch is so chonky that they never bothered.)
    • Fixed a rare bug where if you have 7 teleports and Deep Darkness is last, the teleport menu renders in a weird way. (This is present in vanilla EB, but you'd need glitches to do the set up.)
    • Started attaching dates to patch notes.

    Patch Notes - v2.0.0

    • Added boss shuffle flag.
    • Added PSI shuffle flag.
    • Added resistance shuffle flag.
    • Added "more random" seed preset.
    • Increased level of equipment found in chests by a small random amount per chest.
    • Slightly increased chances of chests having equipment.
    • Reduced chances of receiving broken Jeff weapons (was two 50/50 chances, now one 50/50 and one guaranteed non-broken).
    • Jeff's tools are now never found broken (they were always broken).
    • Doubled the number of Jeff's tools in the pool (was one of each, now two).
    • Made all Jeff tools appear earlier in the item pool.
    • Shops that can sell bottle rockets are now guaranteed to sell bottle rockets. They sell regular ones for the first quarter of the game, MBRs for the last quarter of the game, and BBRs for the middle half of the game.
    • Fixed a bug that would make it impossible to walk from Threed to Dusty Dunes if you beat Belch before taking the Runaway Five's bus from Twoson to Threed.
    • Fixed a bug that would allow you to get Carpainter's item without a Franklin Badge.
    • Fixed a bug that made regular enemies sometimes break free from solidified status when the "stunlock nerf" patch was on.
    • The ATM card no longer contains secret debugging tools.

    Patch Notes - v1.1.1

    • Fixed a bug that would prevent 1.1.0's balance changes from applying to renamed versions of PSI Fire and PSI Thunder, such as the scalding hot espresso attack, or Giygas's thunder.
    • Fixed some severe bugs with the poison attack scaling logic.
    • Raised the minimum level for an enemy to use Paralysis Alpha to 16 (less with more kids).
    • Added the meteor to the tracker. Whoops!
    • Fixed a rare bug that would cause a seed to fail to generate when Flash Beta Nerf is on.

    Patch Notes - v1.1.0

    • Fixed a bug that caused Criminal Caterpillars to not be scaled.
    • Added lower scaling options for all poison attacks.
    • Added scaling options for "poisonous fangs" and "bit down hard" (they're in the same scaling group, so some nasty surprises are possible).
    • Added lower scaling options for PSI Lifeup.
    • Added a lower scaling option for PSI Paralysis.
    • Added lower scaling options for "glared with its eerie eyes."
    • Reduced scaling difficulty for PSI Rockin', PSI Fire, PSI Thunder, and Giygas's freeze attack.
    • Sped up the end game prayer cutscenes even more.

    Patch Notes - v1.0.0

    • File select menu now displays a random collection of dancing NPCs to make it easy to tell if you're on the same seed as someone else.
    • Made many of the speed hacks optional.
    • Added option to fix the guts save bug.
    • Added option to reduce effectiveness of solidified attacks on bosses.
    • Added option to reduce danger from Flash Beta.
    • Decided this is good enough to call 1.0.

    Patch Notes - v0.1.2

    • Temporarily forced Magicant to always be optional and post-Giygas. Seeds with early Magicant were noticeably less fun than others for multiple reasons. I have some alternative fixes that'll take longer to do.
    • Many item pool changes:
      • Added "Okay Pendant" with weak Fire/Freeze/Flash resistance (same as Diadem of Kings) to the item pool. This helps with the huge gap between Great Charm and Crystal Charm. And it's a pendant that can reasonably found on low-sanc seeds.
      • Double the number of each weapon in the item pool.
      • Changed weighting of "other" items so their appearance would be less bursty.
      • Re-weighed medicine items. Secret Herbs and Horns Of Life should now appear earlier and more reliably than they did before.
      • Fixed an oversight that made certain categories of enemy drops, including most food categories, unusually bad.
      • Greatly reduced the quality of guaranteed item drops.
    • Sped up all door transitions and warps. A few warp types may still be a little buggy.
    • Random seed numbers are now mostly timestamp. This lets you know that the seed was not rolled in advance.
    • Added seed display to file select screen.
    • You can now choose whether to have a run button or an inverted run button in-game during setup.
    • Fixed a bug in the R button menu that'd let you steal Poo's key item at the start of the game.
    • Title screen improvements.
    • Randomized order of end game photo collection.
    • Fixed a couple of bugs in the ending credits where Shrooom and Trillionage Sprout had their sprites swapped.

    Patch Notes - v0.1.1

    • Replaced R button drop with something extremely fancy and versatile.
    • The general store in Summers is now an incentive shop. ...It also charges double. Try the one in Toto for a better deal on worse items.
    • Removed expensive variants of items from the pool, including the Lucky Coin (which has identical stats to Charm Coin).
    • Fixed cultists not appearing in Happy Happy Village.
    • More ending improvements.

    Patch Notes - v0.1.0

    • Has a website.

    Patch Notes - v0.0.6

    • Run button now works on stairs and ladders. It's subtle though.
    • Fixed an embarassing error in money scaling.
    • Slightly nerfed the "fast initial exp" flag.
    • Fixed scaled-down enemy PSI moves having glitchy text if they can't concentrate, are out of PP, or hit a shield.
    • Made it so incentivised shops (Fourside Dept Store, Tenda Horn Of Life) don't remove items from the pool, making shops logically after them be horrible for a while.
    • Fixed storing items with Tracy directly.
    • Put the Onett Library item check back on the right shelf. (You can still get it on the wrong shelf too.)
    • Apple Kid once again accepts any food item, not just hamburgers.
    • Fixed palettes and music in Fourside Department Store and Threed Hotel.
    • Fixed the Moonside hard lock (a consequence of a speedrunning trick that exists in vanilla).
    • Added an exit route to Moonside (just check behind Jackie's cafe's door again).
    • Made revisiting Moonside behave properly, if you want to do that for some reason.
    • Defeating Clumsy Robot disables the Sentry Robots.
    • Dungeon Man's exit door now leads to the correct location.
    • Fixed a softlock if you try to use the submarine with Deep Darkness unlocked.
    • Faster Lumine Hall text.
    • The tenda village in the LU now actually checks if you have tendakraut.
    • Various NPC text fixes.
    • Made it nearly impossible to miss the Tony phonecall.
    • Improved logic for low-sanctuary seeds. Guarantees that the other endgame requirements are relatively early in proportion to how few sanctuaries you need.
    • Final Saturn shop now guaranteed to have a revive item, to make low-sanc Giygas at least a little safe.
    • Support for seeds that skip Giygas.
    • Andonuts won't let you try to fight Giygas without Paula.
    • Giygas attack scaling.
    • Tracked various game completion stats.
    • Ending improvements. :)

    Patch Notes - v0.0.5

    • Double exit mice.
    • Replaced skip sandwiches with repel sandwiches, since you have a run button.
    • The third Mr. Saturn storekeeper now shows up when you have completed all your required "Your Sanctuary" locations.
    • Support for seeds with reduced "Your Sanctuary" location requirements.
    • Added hints for critical path items, so seeds with reduced "Your Sanctuary" requirements don't become completely bottlenecked on finding them.
      • Andonuts now gives you a hint where to find the meteorite piece if you try to ride the incomplete phase distorter.
      • After clearing some number of sanctuaries, Apple Kid calls you to tell you where to find the zombie paper. This is skipped if you already have it.
    • Randomized where and when Tony calls you.
    • Added flag for increasing early game experience.
    • Fixed a bug that would make Ness's Nightmare always give huge amounts of exp.
    • Reduced how aggressively PSI Rockin' is scaled.
    • Added a global flag for how aggressively enemy attacks are scaled.
    • Added the Giygas fight to enemy scaling. Note that the "you cannot comprehend the form" attacks are not currently scaled.
    • Reduced quality of backfilled shop items (if multiple shops sell equipment of the same type in the same tier, all but one will have worse items).
    • Made coil snakes less murdery.
    • Sped up the "You Won!" text.

    Patch Notes - v0.0.4

    • The R button drops the last item you got.
    • Fixed several bugs with exp and money scaling. They'll be lower in general.
    • Rearranged item pools to be more balanced.
    • Modified general stores to be less likely to have the bear + garbage placeholder.
    • Rewrote item placement logic to be much more random.
    • Rewrote logical enemy scaling to be much more reliable. But still sometimes surprising.
    • Fixed some instances of being able to turn spawns off.
    • More NPC text polish.
    • Fast prayer sequence.
    • Added PSI Flash, PSI Lifeup, Summoned A Storm, and Glorious Light to enemy attack scaling.