Onett Entry? Library Shelf Mayor Pirkle Remove Cop Barriers? Buzz Buzz Lier's Statue Meteorite Piece Giant Step
Twoson Entry? Apple Kid Everdred Runaway to Threed
Happy Happy Entry? Cabin Item Cabin Kid Carpainter Lilliput
Threed Entry? Prison Kid Boogey Tent UFO to Summers Tunnel -> Saturn Valley
Winters Entry? Bubblegum Saleswoman Apple Kid's Mouse Stonehenge Rainy Circle
Saturn Valley Entry? Belch's Base Milky Well Saturn's Coffee Star Master
Dusty Dunes Entry? Mines Tala Ramah Teleport Monkey
Fourside Entry? Moonside Monotoli Character Monotoli Item Diamond Item Runaway to Threed Magnet Hill Magnet Hill Item
Summers Entry? Magic Cake Museum Boat to Scaraba
Dalaam Entry? Dalaam Kid Meditation Sequence Pink Cloud
Scaraba Entry? Pyramid Item Star Master Sub to Deep Darkness
Deep Darkness Entry? Swoop In Kid Walk to Tenda Village
Tenda Village Entry? Tenda Leader Tenda Tea Lumine Hole
Underworld Entry? Rock Teleport Fire Springs
Magicant Entry? Nightmare Teleport
Poo's Item Jeff's Item